Irene Nowell's Testimony

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May 16, 2019

I have a rather scattered education history. My undergraduate degree was in music, my first master's degree in German. But my professional life only began to flourish when, having lost my job as Dean of Students at home, I went to Saint John's School of Theology to explore a totally new direction. Little did I know that this place and these people would start me on a life-long and life-giving journey.

Saint John's was exactly what I needed. The professors were not only learned but they knew how to teach. In the fall and spring semesters the classes were small so we and the teachers got to know each other well. These excellent teachers had the knack of reading each of us students and discerning whether we needed to be challenged, encouraged, or (some days) comforted. They coached us into doing what we had never imagined possible--and then said it was only part of a day's work. They were as delighted as we were with new insights. But they were also relentless in stretching us beyond what we thought was possible. They laid the groundwork and gave us the courage to go on to top-notch universities. I could not have been better prepared for my PhD. work at Catholic University. My life's work as a professor (and student) of biblical studies is due to these superb teachers. I will be forever grateful!