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Below are some questions commonly asked by people interested in supporting the work of Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary. Please contact us if you would like further information about any of these topics or if you have a question that is not addressed.

How can I give?

You can give of your time, talent, or treasure--we need them all! We always welcome your financial assistance, but we are also developing our network of volunteer opportunities for those who are interested in supporting the school in other ways. We appreciate your prayers and all the ways you are helping to share our story. Please encourage potential students to apply or potential supporters to contact us and get involved. Visit our Make a Gift page for more information.

I already gave to Saint John's this year. Why is the School of Theology and Seminary asking for my support again?

There are several possible answers to this question. Because our fundraising and budgeting is on a fiscal year cycle (July 1-June 30), we may contact you about supporting us twice in the same calendar year. It is also possible that you made a gift earlier this year to the College of Arts and Sciences, often referred to as "Saint John's University" or simply "Saint John's." Although the School of Theology and Seminary is part of the University and we do work with the College of Arts and Sciences in many ways, our fundraising efforts are separate. Ongoing annual support is necessary, but there may also be times when a specific need arises when you may be solicited, e.g., a scholarship honoring someone you know.

What does the annual fund support?

Gifts to the annual fund are vital to the ongoing success of the School of Theology and Seminary.

These gifts enable us to fund:

  • scholarships to make life-changing education attainable for students
  • research opportunities for faculty to further their professional development
  • enhancements to our library and learning resources to expand educational opportunities for the entire School of Theology·Seminary community
  • Theology Day events to reach out to faith communities

Your support of the School of Theology and Seminary’s annual fund is an opportunity for you to change lives and build quality leaders for the church.

Why are scholarships important?

Scholarships are essential to make it more affordable for students to train for ministry and prepare for further study. Students who respond to God’s call to minister in parishes often expect to be undercompensated for their work after they graduate, which makes them particularly wary of taking on heavy debt. Our goal is to offer full-tuition scholarships to all who need them. Looking into the future, there will be a major shortage of ordained clergy in the church by the year 2015. This strengthens our resolve to train leaders who are prepared to preach the gospel and serve our faith communities.

Why is it so important for parish leaders or others who minister to people in our communities to have an education in theology?

A solid background in theology prepares our leaders to help us search for answers to the big questions of faith and life--Who are we? What do we believe? What difference does faith make in our lives? How is God calling us? A deep and ever-deepening understanding of scripture, doctrine, the history of the church, liturgy, and pastoral practice is a necessary resource for pastoral leaders in their ministry. Without a deep resource of faith and knowledge of their own, gained through prayer, formation, and ongoing study, they are not able to serve the people of God as competent, healthy ministers.