Pray Tell Blog Graduate Assistantship


The blog on Pray Tell is part of the mission of St. John's School of Theology and Liturgical Press to promote scholarship and good pastoral practice regarding liturgy.

Application:  Provide the following information in one to two pages: 

  1. Title the document:  Application for Pray Tell Blog Graduate Assistantship.
  2. List your name, email address, and the schools you have attended.  Indicate which schools were public and which were private.
  3. List formal and informal studies in theology as well as any Church-related works.
  4. State briefly what Church-related blogs and periodicals you read, and what interests you in them.
  5. Describe your likely competence with technical aspects of blog maintenance as well as your general competence with computers.
  6. Email the attachment to [email protected].

Criteria for Award Distribution:

  1. Applicants must be accepted into a master's degree.
  2. Selection of award recipients will be based on the strength of the application for the graduate assistantship. An oral interview by phone or in person is also required.
  3. Recipients receive a work award based off of 10-15 hours a week at $10 an hour
  4. Award packages can be renewed for up to three years pending satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree requirements and enrollment in consecutive academic terms of full time study.
  5. The work award is earned on an hourly basis and is processed through student payroll with options for payments to be deposited into a personal bank account or applied to the student's account.


Pray Tell Moderator
Fr. Anthony Ruff
[email protected]
Graduate Admissions
Donelle Poling
[email protected]