Ministerial Residency Program: Students


Why You Should Join the Ministerial Residency Program

The Ministerial Residency Program was established to match students with partnering organizations who will provide meaningful ministry opportunities for you to learn and advance your ministerial competencies while you work on your degree.

  • All positions are paid, on an hourly basis, to help provide you space to learn and reduce some economic stress while you are in school
  • Your supervisor will help you to discern and name your gifts and your areas for growth
  • You will have  a safe space to practice ministry and apply what you are learning in the classroom
  • These positions can fulfill field education requirements for your degree requirements

How To Apply

Go to our position posting board, and find a position that is open. Fill out the application and submit it with your resume and cover.
Application instructionsHow To Apply
Application form: MRP Application Form

If you are interested in a particular area of ministry that is not listed, or at a particular location that is not listed, contact the MRP coordinator to discuss new opportunities.

Resources for Students

How To Apply
Application Form
Interview Tips
Resume Writing
Formation Handbook
Learning Agreements
Theological Reflection 
Field Ed. Grading Rubric 
Mid-Degree Assessment 
Spiritual Direction 
Clinical Pastoral Education

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Contact Us:

Dr. Barbara Sutton
Director of Field Education and Ministerial Formation 

[email protected]
Luke Hall 202