Degree Requirements

M.A. in Theology

  1. A total of 42 graduate credits; a minimum of 12 credits is required in one of the major areas of concentration, and 6 credits in a minor area of concentration.
    • A maximum of 3 credits earned from courses in Pastoral Theology and Ministry (PTHM) can be counted toward the degree.
    • Courses in Latin and modern languages cannot be counted toward the degree, but courses in Greek and Hebrew can be counted.
    • Courses with the "THY" designation cannot be counted toward any area of concentration.
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B average) on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Overall Course Requirements
    • Required courses:
      • THY 402 Introduction to the Christian Tradition I (3 credits)
      • THY 404 Introduction to the Christian Tradition II (3 credits)
      • A Systematics course (DOCT or MORL designation)  (3 credits)
      • A Scripture course (SSOT or SSNT designation) (3 credits)
      • THY 597 Comprehensive Exams Seminar (3 credits)
    • Required course for the Monastic Studies concentration:
      • MONS 410 Rule of Benedict (3 credits)
    • Recommended courses for the liturgy concentration:
      • LTGY 400 History and Sources of the Liturgy (3 credits)
      • LTGY 404 Rites of Christian Initiation (3 credits)
      • LTGY 406 Eucharistic Liturgy and Theology (3 credits)
      • LTGY 407 Liturgical Celebration (3 credits)
  4. Submission of  one graduate paper.
  5. Successful completion of the comprehensive examination process after the completion of all other degree requirements.