2016 Summer Registration

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Course Selection

Students may register for up to four credits in three weeks or seven credits in six weeks. Registration for some courses may require the approval of your academic adviser. Consult the Summer schedule to make sure that course meeting times do not conflict. 

Select course for the June 6-July 22--WEB class (no campus meetings)
Youth in Theology and Ministry Cohort Courses: June 13-24 (note--open to all students)
Select one course from the list below for the June 13 - July 1 session
Select course for the June 27-July 1
Select course for the July 5-22
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Select course for the June 13-July 22

Housing, Meals, and Student Services

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Meals--Dining Bucks descending balance system
Meals will be on the DINING BUCKS system--students may put any amount on a pre-paid dining account and meals will be deducted at a summer student per-meal rate. Extra funds can be added at any time; extra money remaining at the end of the summer will not be refunded. DINING BUCKS will be less expensive per meal than the line price, so students should plan to pre-pay for the best dining savings!
Tuition and Fees

Standard Tuition (per credit) 510
Continuing Education (per credit) 400
Audit Only (per credit) 300

Activity Fee (per week) 10
Technology Fee (six weeks) 50
Technology Fee (three weeks) 25

Required Books (avg per class) 125

Housing (per week)
Single (private with sink) 155
Suite (private with bath) 180
Efficiency Apartment 205

These fees will appear when you are billed through the Student Accounts Office.