Why Sociology?

Sociology Alumni Ambassadors

Mackenzie CarlsonName: Mackenzie Carlson ’21
Pronouns: She/her
Email: [email protected]
Major: Sociology, concentration in anthropology
Minors: Chinese
Current Job: Case manager (Meridian Services)

I work in the social services field as a disability waiver case manager. I set up services and write support plans for people with a wide range of disabilities. At CSBSJU, I participated in two anthropology research projects. The skills I gained conducting interviews for those research projects have been very useful to me in meetings with people I serve. I got better at asking open ended questions, follow up questions, and prompting people to open up about themselves and their experiences. My sociology and anthropology classes gave me tools to think more critically about the structures, policies, and norms that impact the people I serve.

Sinloria MacraeName: Sinloria Macrae ’17
Phone: 612-715-9878
Email: [email protected]
Major: Sociology (Anthropology concentration) and English
Graduate Degree: University of St. Thomas School of Law
Current Job: Legal Equal Employment Opportunity Consultant at Wells Fargo

Through my Sociology and Anthropology courses, I learned the value of understanding social patterns that influence everyday life and culture. My major helped me develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving that assisted me in law school and beyond. A career in employment law was the best fit for me as marries my interests in the law and advocacy, and how the law influences individuals and groups.

D'Havian ScottName: D’Havian Scott ’21
Pronouns: She/her
Email: [email protected]
Major: Sociology (Anthropology concentration)
Minor: Psychology
Current Job: Residence Director (College of Saint Benedict)

I chose Sociology with a concentration in Anthropology because I have always been interested and curious about society and the way it works. With my anthropology concentration specifically, I was able to understand and gain some knowledge and understanding of what things make us as humans, who we are, and how this can connect to our beliefs and practices. Sociology is a broad field of study and is more applicable than one can imagine and can be applied in every career one can go into. As a Residence Director, I see my knowledge and skills being applied to the students I serve in understanding their unique backgrounds and cultures and through this, helping them to better themselves as they transition into and through college.