Megan Sheehan, Ph.D.

Academic Degrees:
  • Ph.D., University of Arizona
  • Postdoctoral Research, Lehigh University
Teaching and Research Areas of Interest

Megan’s research examines the recent influx of Latin American migrants to Chile, exploring how migration impacts and changes urban areas. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Chile, the Arizona – Sonora border region, and northern Arizona. Her research and teaching interests include: migration, urbanization, food studies, ethnographic research methods, and applied anthropology.

Professor Megan Sheehan and Maria Schrupp are conducting summer research on migration in Santiago, Chile.

Spring 2023 Courses:
  • SOCI 121 – Intro to Anthropology
  • SOCI 327 – Food, Culture, and Society
Fall 2022 Courses:
  • Directing Chile Study Abroad Program
Spring 2022 Courses:
  • SOCI 121 – Intro to Anthropology (x2)
  • SOCI 336 – Latin American Anthropology
Megan Sheehan, assistant professor

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