Sociology Minor

The sociology department offers a minor in sociology.

Minor in Sociology (20 credits)

Required Courses:
111, 205 and twelve additional upper-division credits in sociology.

SOCI-111   Introduction to Sociology

Enter the fascinating world of Sociology.  This course provides a great introduction to the many intriguing subjects that sociologists study.  We look at a whole range of topics-from what the self is, how it develops, how the process of socialization works... to the major institutions in society like education, the political system, and the economy... to the major forms of inequality affecting our lives in this society-race/ethnicity, gender, and class.  You will come to understand the science by which sociologists gather and analyze data, how they know what they know.  In the process, you will begin developing your own sociological imagination.  You'll be surprised how much you've always taken for granted about society...  In better understanding how our world works, you'll be better able to take an active role in your own life.  Come join us in the quest!

SOCI 205 Quantitative Methods and Analysis in Social Science

This course will use a "hands on" approach by students to grapple with the quantitative analyses of data in the social sciences.  Students will learn about the operationalization, computation, and transformation of variables. Students will create and test  hypotheses using SPSS. They will also write up their results using a journal article format and give presentations of their results.

Also twelve additional upper-division credits in sociology.