Anthropology Minor

The sociology department offers a minor in anthropology.

Minor in Anthropology (24 credits)

Required Courses:

121, 322, 337H, and twelve additional upper-division credits in sociology/anthropology*

*(one regional anthropology class (4 credits), one topical anthropology class (4 credits), and a third class in any upper level offering by the SOCI department). 

SOCI 121 Introduction to Anthropology (SS) (IC)

Anthropology is very broadly defined as the study of humankind across space and time.  The course units include four-field examinations of culture, race, human evolution, family and kinship, gender and sexuality, social hierarchy, nation-states, politics and violence, progress, and development.

SOCI 322 Transnational Anthropology (IC)

Cultures and cultural groups have always been in movement, learning from people outside their cultural groups, and hybridizing ideas and ways of life. This course uses ethnographic manuscripts about Hmong, Somali, and Mexican people to study topics including ethnicity, migration, refugeeism, tourism, nomadism, political economy, and medical anthropology.

SOCI 337H Cultural Thought & Meaning

How have engagements with other cultures helped create knowledge, expand our understanding of ourselves and the world, and inspired us to think about humanity? In this class, we will learn about some of the key theoretical paradigms in culturaL anthropology, from its earliest inception through contemporary, experimental anthropological thought.