Jenny Ng (Vuong)

Year of Graduation: 2008

Learning Administrator-National Learning and Business Development at McGladrey

I recently started this position. Prior to this job, I worked at autism center with children with autism. In my new position as a learning administrator, I help plan and run conferences for our training programs. I work with vendors,  participants to ensure they have a valuable training experience.


What do you like best about your work?

It is a perfect blend of event planning, training and working and meeting a lot of people.


How has Sociology help you do what you do... how are you using what you learned in college?

I recently completed my Masters program in Sociology:Human Service and Public Administration at Minnesota State University-Mankato.  It was useful taking sociology courses at CSB/SJU as it helped me iny many graduate courses. Plus, we had to apply theoretical framework in the thesis.


Something interesting about yourself-something about your family, or a hobby, or a trip, or volunteer work, or a favorite book you've read recently-anything that says something about who you are as a real person...

I am a big sports fan and trying to catch as many Timberwolves games as possible

Contact information:   [email protected]