Notable Alumni in Healthcare and Medicine

Bob Christensen

Bob Christensen '62
Surgeon; past president of the Minnesota Medical Association

Dr. Dan Garry '80

Dr. Dan Garry '80
Director of Heart Institute at the University of Minnesota; holds St. Jude Medical Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Disease; director of the Lillehei Heart Institute

Dale Gerding '62

Dale Gerding '62
Medical doctor and former faculty member at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern

Vincient Hunt

Vincent (Bob) Hunt '56
Emeritus chair of the family practice program at Brown University; consultant and volunteer with the World Health Organization in family medicine education; established family practice programs and residencies in Nicaragua, Bahrain, Jordan , Russian and South Korea

Philip Hessburg

Philip Hessburg '52
Ophthalmologist; inventor

Pat McKenzie '79
Team physician, Green Bay Packers; received 2011 Jerry "Hawk" Rhea Award as the NFL's physician of the year

Jim Mohs

Jim Mohs '68
Retired family physician and past Minnesota Family Physician of the Year

Hubert Seiler '68
Medical Doctor and recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Rural Health Provider of the Year Award from the National Rural Health Association