Saint John’s Abbey Authorizes Creation of New Civil Corporation for SJU

This short video features excerpts from conversations with Saint John's leaders about the Abbey's decision to create a new civil corporation for Saint John's University, effective July 1, 2012.

It includes Abbot John Klassen '71, OSB, chancellor of Saint John's University; Ann Huntrods, Chair, Saint John's Board of Regents; Fr. Bob Koopmann '68, OSB, president of Saint John's; and Dan Whalen '70, Chair, University Task Force on Corporate Structure.

As a result of the new corporation, the SJU Board of Regents will become the SJU Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will govern the University and assume budget authority. SJU's president will be appointed by and report to the Trustees.

The University will remain a part of the Order of Saint Benedict as it relates to the Catholic Church canonically and will retain its Catholic status under the Order of Saint Benedict.

The decision to create a University Corporation was made mutually between the Board of Regents and the Abbey after extensive and thoughtful deliberations that began in June 2006. The Abbey and the University feel this structure will best ensure the strength and viability of both institutions for the future.