Saint John’s Student Fund Sets Record Year

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July 15, 2020

Saint John’s University raised $3,136,192 for the 2019-20 Student Fund, the largest in school history. It was the third consecutive year that donors gave more than $3 million for current scholarships for Saint John’s undergraduate students. The previous record was $3,090,677 in FY18.

“I want to thank everyone who gave to this year’s Student Fund,” said Joe Housman ’04, president of the Saint John's Alumni Association in 2019-20. “In the midst of a global pandemic, it is particularly humbling and rewarding to see Saint John’s alumni, parents, and friends step forward to support Johnnies at this critical time. This record-setting support directly impacts future graduates, 99 percent of whom are professionally employed, pursuing a graduate degree or full-time volunteering within a year.”

4,350 donors supported the Student Fund, including 3,624 Saint John's alumni.

“I especially want to recognize the alumni volunteers who led their classes to this year’s participation, donors, dollars and Fellows numbers,” Housman said.

A generous dollar-for-dollar match established by Jim ’66 and Bernie ’72 Tuohy helped finish the Student Fund fiscal year strong during the final days of June.

Reunion Alumni and Spouses

Despite Reunion 2020 being postponed to 2021, reunion class committees continued their class gift campaigns in support of the Student Fund.

Alumni classes in a reunion year in 2020 (the 5th through the 60th reunions) contributed $708,854 toward the Student Fund from 772 donors.

The 50th reunion Class of 1970 gave $171,058 to the Student Fund from 102 donors in 2019-20. The Class of 1970 led all classes in Student Fund dollars and donors.

The Class of 1965, which will celebrate its 55th reunion next year, had a 42% Student Fund participation rate – the highest of all reunion classes.

The reunion classes of 1970 (nine), 1990 (eight), and 2005 (six) had the three largest increases in Student Fund donors over last year.

All Alumni and Spouses

Following the Class of 1970, the Class of 1972 gave the next largest amount to the Student Fund, totaling $169,854. The Class of 1966’s total of $148,175 was third highest, followed by the classes of 1967 and 1965 which gave $124,094 and $112,110, respectively.

The Class of 1983 had the most Fellows Society donors, with 26 classmates giving at the Walter Reger Fellows level or higher – $1,000 or more to the Student Fund.

The top five classes in Student Fund donors were 1970, 1972 (98), 1969 (94), 1975 (87), and 1974 (85).

Five classes met their Student Fund donor goals this fiscal year – 1965, 1972, 1990, 2005, and 2008.


The Alumni Association Board of Directors met 100% participation to the Student Fund. Collectively, the 46-member Board contributed $63,452 in Student Fund support.

30 members of the Board of Trustees gave $333,212 to the Student Fund.


209 current parents of Saint John's students contributed $134,103 to the Student Fund in 2019-20.

962 parents of SJU alumni supported the Student Fund, giving $805,909 for scholarships.


The Student Fund supports scholarships for current undergraduate Saint John's students, 98% of whom received scholarships or financial aid. The specific awards funded by the Student Fund include Trustees’, President’s, Dean’s, Art, Music, Theatre, Legacy, out-of-state, and Catholic high school scholarships.

The 2019-20 Gratitude Report and Honor Roll will be published online in Fall 2020. It lists all donors and volunteers to SJU in the recently completed fiscal year.