From Game to Tradition

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May 17, 2016

Photo of cribbage board

The Peg n' Keg Cribbage Tournament has been an annual tradition since 1975.

The Peg n' Keg Cribbage Tournament was born in the dorms of Saint John's University. It started in 1975 with a group of 16 students and recent graduates. It's a tradition that John "Bo Diddley" Forsythe '74, owner of Bo Diddley's restaurants, has hosted for more than 40 years.

Forsythe likes hosting this event because it's like a class reunion. That's also why alumni keep coming back for the tournament.

Some alumni plan their whole schedule around the Peg n' Keg. Scott Furey '74 traveled from Sweden to the La Playette to attend. Furey serves as the board master of the event.

A second generation of Johnnies and Bennies has joined the fun. Forsythe's daughter, Sarah, who lives in Minneapolis, hopes to keep the tradition going strong. "Wherever I do end up, I'd love to keep the tradition alive," she said.

What a fun way celebrate a Johnnie tradition!

St. Cloud Times article