Gross '93 Conquers Mt. McKinley

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January 21, 2015

Photo of Brian Gross and fellow climbers on top of Mt. McKinley

(L-R) Brian Gross '93 and fellow climbers Wally Stirbu and Nick Prusack. Photo by Nate Opp.

Brian Gross had never climbed a mountain before deciding to climb Mt. McKinley. When Gross's mother died unexpectedly in 2013, it inspired him to dust off his bucket list.

Gross signed up for the climb with virtually no mountaineering experience and began training. He read books, practiced knots and prepared for the adventure. On May 23, 2014, he arrived at base camp and began his journey.

He and three other members of his group arrived at the highest point in North America on June 7. "Reaching the summit was an incredible feeling and the absolute highlight of the trip," remembers Gross. "I couldn't stop smiling knowing that I had made it."