Tuvey '89 and Peterson '99 Share Fantasy Football Tips

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August 31, 2009

John Tuvey '89 and Christian Peterson '99, fantasy football experts, visited with alumni following their "Leaders and Legacy" presentation in Maplewood on Aug. 13. Tuvey is the senior NFL analyst with TheHuddle.com and Peterson is operations manager with LeagueSafe, a type of PayPal for fantasy sports leagues; both also share their expertise on Twin Cities radio during the professional football season.

Fantasy football is a $600,000,000 business, Tuvey noted, with 20 million players annually. He said to work hard in preparation of the season and to treat entry fees as an investment. In addition to rating NFL players, Tuvey and Christianson told the audience to participate in a number of mock drafts before their league selections to gain a better understanding of players may be selected.

The SJU Alumni Office showcases alumni and faculty experts in the on-going "Leaders and Legacy" series. Past speakers include John Thavis '73, Vatican bureau chief for Catholic News Service; Prof. Annette Atkins from the history department; and Matt Schnobrich '01, Beijing Olympics bronze medal rower.