Denis McDonough '92 Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine

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May 31, 2009

As Senior Foreign Policy Aide for President Barack Obama, Denis McDonough has an incredible amount of responsibility in keeping the Head of State well-informed and counseled, providing a significant voice in foreign policy matters.  As a key part of President Obama's four-man inner circle, McDonough is in the thick of the difficult decision-making that is a common part of the realm of foreign affairs.  A defense and intelligence consultant closely connected to the matter speaks of the group's responsibility: "'[President Obama's advisors] are the guys who meet at the end of the day and decide things.'"  Although McDonough and his fellow advisors may not be seen in public much, Robert Dreyfuss suggests that their importance effectiveness should be noted, "From Iraq and Afghanistan to nuclear disarmament and climate change, they are helping Obama execute the most sweeping reorientation of U.S. national security policy since the end of World War II."