Johnnie Physicians Help Pre-Meds

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November 1, 2008

The Johnnie network is justly famous, and alumni physicians are no exception. The recently-formed Johnnie Physicians Network is a growing group of nearly 100 alumni who offer expertise, advice and encouragement to Saint John's and Saint Ben's students preparing for med school.

 Drs. Neal Olson '58 and John Mrachek '91 started the group with first-hand knowledge about how competitive med school applications have become and with a deep desire that pre-med students succeed and carry on the tradition of Johnnie physicians.  To this end, the group seeks to provide med school hopefuls with their full support. 

 Dr. Olson spent time mentoring Tyler Thorson '09, who remarks "My experience with Dr. Olson was absolutely amazing.  He provided me an opportunity to get a first-hand look at the profession that I hope to go into.... When I decided to come to St. John's, I never dreamed of having a connection like this.  We are still in constant contact via email, and he is always willing to help with anything.  The Saint John's connection proved to be more than I ever anticipated."    

 If you'd like to start a professional group to network and/or help current students, please contact Adam Herbst at 320-363-3819.