Cyril Paul '59 Biking 2600 Miles for Scholarships

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September 30, 2008

Cyril Paul '59 has written the latest version of the classic "fast in the desert for 40 days."  Leaving his Bloomington home on Sept. 15, Paul bicycled to California to bring support to his CSB/SJU scholarship program for Caribbean students. The scholarship is designed to help West Indies students obtain degrees in environmental studies and pre-engineering.Speeding along on highways, back roads and trails, crossing prairies and mountains as well as deserts for 2,200 miles, he reached his destination on Oct. 25.  Paul plans to be back in Minnesota to check the fund balance sometime this week. 

Upon learning Paul had completed the 40-day journey, one friend wrote:  "Talking to Cyril and [wife] Pam throughout the ride... they just gush about the love received along the route - plus the prayers and support from back home.  They can't think of ways to thank everyone.  I'm not sure they realize, for me and others I've talked to, that it is we who should be thanking them for their inspiration and allowing us to be alongside them during this journey.  Miracle's happen, big and small.  I thank God for these two miracles in my life."