What You Can Do

Become an Eco Rep

An Eco Rep is a First Year Johnnie who promotes sustainability and environmental awareness in his resident hall

Save resources in the classroom, office, and residence halls

As a community which cares about sustainability, help create a culture of sustainability by doing these simple things to cut waste and energy use.

Read the SJU Green Guide

This guide was created by students with the help of campus staff to provide some easy tips for living a sustainable lifestyle at Saint John’s.

Take a class

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University offer a number of courses and programs focusing on the environment and sustainability.

Take part in a club

There are a variety of clubs which take part in sustainability efforts on campus such as the Sustainability Alliance.

Submit a proposal for a Revolving Loan

Anybody can submit a proposal for a sustainability project through SJU's green revolving loan fund. Projects will be audited, and the results will be posted on our website to prove the viability and legitimacy of the fund. A committee of faculty, staff, administration, and students govern the fund. 

Start something you are interested in

The possibilities are endless. We want to work with you to take your sustainable idea from concept to reality.  Back in 2011, Stephen Johnson approached Nick Moe at the SJU Office of Sustainability with his idea of building a greenhouse on campus. Just two years later, the Refectory started buying lettuce grown right at SJU.  Another example of student-led initiatives was the idea of an intern in the Office of Sustainability. Michael Lockwood wanted to reduce phantom energy on campus. During the summer of 2013, 125 phantom energy-reducing powerstrips were distributed across campus.