Sustainable Revolving Loan Funds

Ever heard "a penny saved is a penny earned" or "it takes money to make money?"

Well, Saint John's University is taking these wise adages and making novel financial mechanisms out of them.

SJU has set aside a sum of money that will be used to grant zero interest loans to projects with cost savings. The cost savings will pay back the loan until 120% of the loan is paid off. As the fund grows, more and larger projects can be initiated. There are a multitude of ways we can decrease consumption of energy and products. The results are decreased operating costs and a more sustainable campus. Since part of sustainability is equity, anyone can submit a proposal and it will be reviewed. Projects will be audited and results will be posted to prove the viability and legitimacy of the fund. A committee of faculty, staff, administration, and students will govern the fund. If you would like to learn more about the funds read the charter pages in the Related Links area on this page.