Tracking Our Progress

In the field of sustainability the saying goes, “you can't reduce what you can't measure.” Tracking and monitoring resource usage, behaviors, and system output are critical aspects in helping make Saint John’s a more sustainable campus.

Here are some of the ways to see how Saint John’s is doing:

Green House Gas Inventory
An inventory of emissions from electricity consumption, heating and cooling, vehicle fleet operations, business travel, waste management practices, refrigerants, fertilizer use, waste-water treatment and daily commuting. Our most recent GHG inventory was completed in 2014. Our next inventory will take place during the 2017-18 academic year.

Approved Sustainable Revolving Loan Fund Projects
A detailed review of the cost savings, carbon savings, maintenance savings and auxiliary benefits of projects funded by the Sustainable Revolving Loan Fund.  The table below outlines the savings for each project on an annual basis.

Project Date Completed Years since completion (updated at Fiscal Year) kWh Annually lbs CO2 Saved Annually Tons CO2 Saved Annually Money Saved Annually
Pool Lights 8/24/2010 7 10,926 14,130 7.07 $4,659
Sophomore Lounges 1/12/2011 6 28,853 37,314 18.66


Edelbrock Attic Insulation 2/10/2012 5 7,325 3,361 1.68 $160
Refectory LED's 5/15/2012 5 3,764 4,868 2.43 $264
Sophomore Corridors Spring 2011 6 TBD TBD TBD $2800
Guild Hall Gym lighting 7/1/2015 2 265,780 343,719 171.86 $26,578
Total as of July 2017 316,648 402,947 202 $42,259


Campus Sustainability Survey
A survey taken in May 2011 which measures the current awareness, literacy, and habits of CSB/SJU students and employees regarding sustainability issues.

2009 Waste and Recycling Audit
A comprehensive waste and recycling assessment from 2009. Many of the recommendations made in this document have since been accomplished. Look for an updated assessment soon.

Recyclemania Results
A competition among 600 colleges and universities throughout the nation to see who can recycle the most and waste the least.

Live Electricity Usage
An up-to-the-minute reading on how much electricity our campus is using. (Must be opened with Internet Explorer)

Energy Challenge Results
A two month long conservation competition among student housing buildings to achieve the greatest percentage reduction in energy use.

Live Solar Farm Data
Live and historical energy production data from the Saint John’s Solar Farm.