March 2011




Stay in touch with Sustainability at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University through this monthly update.  Regular updates on news, people, events, energy, waste, and conservation tips will be featured. 

March 2011

Bottled Water: Policy and H20 Project

CSB has approved a bottled water policy, read how it will affect you here.

CSB Campus Ministry has started the H20 Project. Give up other beverages besides tap water and donate the money to the H20 project.  Your donation will help others gain access to clean water.


SJU Sustainable Revolving Loan Fund

The pool lights were replaced last August in the Palaestra.  The project will save $4,850 and 13.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.  The project will pay for itself in self in 3 and a half years.

The Bernie, Bonnie, and Pat lounge lights were replaced and savings are currently being tallied.

Graduation Gowns:

Graduation gowns will be made from 100% recycled material such as plastic bottles.  Each gown saves ½ gallon of oil.  Our current stock will be used up this year, but 70-90% of the gowns will be from recycled material.

 Sustainability Network: 

The Sustainability Student Worker Network is a network of student workers across both campuses who implement sustainable practices within their offices or departments. These students take the leadership role in implementing these actions within their office, and help others make a difference around campus. If you are a student worker and are interested in being a leader in your office contact the Sustainability Office.



Recyclemania Ends Sunday.
Help us beat the Tommies!

UMACS: Call for submissions
Creating Change Together

Proposals are now being accepted for the UMACS 2011 Regional Conference
September 23-24 at the University of Minnesota Morris

Interested in presenting on what you did for the year of sustainability?
Contact Theo Eggermont for more info:


Earth Week Events Preview:
Look for the signs going up next week for the official schedule of events

 Sunday 10th: Watab Hogroast
Tuesday 12th: Biosphere in a bottle, Movie Night in Pelegrene
Wednesday 13th: Bike to Class Day
Thursday 14th: Fish of the Fish, Spring Bingo
Friday 15th: Vertical Endeavors Trip, Farmers market bike
Saturday 16th: Leave No Trace Camp Out


Office of Sustainability Internships & CSB Fellowship:

Contact Nick Moe if you are interested in an SJU internship during the summer or fall.
Contact Judy Purman if you are interested in a CSB summer or fall internship or a 1 year Fellowship (for graduates).

PowerShift: CSB/SJU will be sending 45 students: Making it 16th in the Nation based on the numbers of students going!


Quadrangle Recycling is now available:

 New Oak Waste and Recycling  bins have been added to make recycling more convenient and consistent with the rest of campus.  The bins were made in the woodshop with wood sustainably harvested from the Arboretum.