December 2009

New Positions:

Sustainability Fellow

CSB/SJU hired sustainability fellow Theo Eggermont in August.  Theo will be collaborating with different departments and parts of campus to fulfill our commitments to carbon neutrality, saving money, and creating a more equitable CSB/SJU.  Five interns will be joining the office this spring.

Student Sustainability Positions: 

Both Senates have approved sustainability positions.  Saint Ben's went a step further and  created a permanent representative position by amending their constitution; over 90% of student voters approved of the position. Elections were held on December 8th.  Congratulations to Kelsey Minten.


Recommissioning Study

St. Ben's Facilities Management will be working with DLR Group, Siemens, and Xcel to do a recommisioning study.  It will analyze our energy systems, identifying how they can operate at maximum efficiency and look into alternative energy options.  More to come as the study progresses.

New Buildings

St. Ben's is working on creating two new buildings.  HGA will be designing the new academic building and was selected in part because of their background in sustainability.  At a meeting with students, staff, faculty, and alumni, all parties included sustainability in their vision for the building.  Pay attention for an update on the athletic facility in the spring.

Energy Efficiency for the Refectory

SJU power plant installed a new hoods and an efficient air exchanger outside the reef.  The new system will be allow for greater controllability and comfort.  It will save 270,000 kWh a year, equaling almost half of what the new solar array will produce annually. This will reduce our purchased electricity by about 2%.

Solar Power at St. John's

The groundbreaking for the solar field took place on Oct. 7th.  When fully operation, it will be the largest array in Minnesota and produce 4% of St. John's electricity needs.  When a final meter is installed in the very near future, it will be connected and start producing power.

Metering at St. John's

St. John's now has electricity meters on its buildings.  You can check the real-time energy consumption of a building.  The information will allow benchmarking of information, enable energy reducing technologies to be quantified, and residence hall verses residence hall competitions for Campus Energy Competitions.  You can access this page through the sustainability website.

Check the Meters 


What's Golden
The Student Sustainability Commission put on an event called "What's Golden" in the McKeown Center.  The event highlighted sustainability at CSB/SJU.  The Arboretum, the Abbey, Monastery, Sustainability Office, and various student displays such as a water taste test, 350, recycling, the green fund, and solar energy were featured.


A group of 5 faculty and staff went to "The Greening of the Campus VIII" in Indianapolis.  The interdisciplinary conference focused on embracing change in order to promote sustainability across the various departments of campus.

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A group of students put together a display to educate fellow students, faculty and staff about the negative effects of bottled water.  They hope that awareness will influence campus buying habits.


Battery Recycling:

You can now recycle any rechargeable battery at work: cell phone, laptop, cameras, etc. We'll even pick it up for you.  Simply go to the CSB or SJU recycling page.

Recycling at Football Games

A pilot project is currently being tested by using large beverage receptacles at athletic events and McKeown Center.