Manufacturer recycling programs

Note: The following information comes from a website maintained by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Because of the Minnesota government shutdown that began in July 2011, the MPCA's website is down, and so this information is re-printed here. It was accessed via the Internet Wayback Machine, and was last updated 14 June 2009.

Several major manufacturers of computers and electronics are offering consumers recycling and reuse alternatives for their products. This is most common for old PCs and computer peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice, etc.).

The offers have significant differences in cost and arrangements - be sure you "read the fine print" and confirm that your equipment is accepted.

  • Apple Recycling Program
    For qualifying purchases of a computer or monitor from the online Apple Store or a retail Apple Store, you can opt into the Apple Recycling Program for free. After purchase, you will get an email with instructions for free recycling of your old computer and monitor, regardless of manufacturer, including shipping via FedEx.
  • Cell phone recycling: Wireless... the new recyclable
    Answering the call for recycling options for cell phones, this program promotes efforts by companies in the wireless sector. The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) and its member companies are "committed to the goal of sustainable development and the environmentally sound management of their wireless products at end-of-life."
  • Dell Recycling
    Dell Recycling offers free pickup and recycling for Dell-brand computers and peripherals. Or, for those purchasing a new Dell computer, they will recycle your old technology at no charge, regardless of manufacturer.
    Finally, through a partnership with the National Cristina Foundation, Dell can help you donate qualifying systems to someone in need. You can earn a tax deduction.
  • Epson Recycle Program
    Epson offers recycling for its products, including printers, scanners, and projectors. A fee of $10 per item covers shipping and recycling, and you get a $5 credit on their online store.
    Recycling services are prepaid through the Epson web site, and they send you a UPS label. You box up your item and bring it to a UPS drop site in your area.
  • Fujitsu
    Free recycling of Fujitsu-brand laptop and tablet computers, including free shipping when dropped off at a UPS store. Services include a bulk recycling option. Sign up online and print out a return label.
  • Gateway Trade-in & Recycle Program
    Gateway's Technology Trade-in Center lets recent customers mail in used, working electronics and get paid. An online system will provide an estimate and produce a postage-paid label for shipping via UPS.
  • Hewlett Packard (HP): Planet Partners Recycling Program
    In the U.S., HP offers product end-of-life return programs for computer hardware and peripherals from HP and other manufacturers. After unwanted hardware is evaluated, it is either donated to charity or recycled by HP. Consumers are charged for each item sent in, with fees ranging from $13-34 per item. HP's automated, on-line service calculates your final cost, payable by credit card. Sample costs (each): CPU ($21), monitor ($29), laser printer ($34).
    Any brand of equipment is accepted. Use the web-based order form to identify what you need to recycle, and they will calculate a total cost including shipping. The site offers instructions for packing and pickup service.
  • Lexmark Recycles | 859-232-3022
    Lexmark has free programs for returning consumables and equipment for recycling at end of life. The Equipment Collection Program will accept Lexmark-brand printers for free recycling, but the consumer has to make the arrangements and pay for the shipping. Spent Lexmark toner cartridges can be returned using free, postage-paid envelopes through the Cartridge Collection Program.
  • LG Electronics
    The LG Electronics Recycling Program is a partnership with Waste Management, offering free recycling of LG-brand electronics at designated WM eCycling drop-off centers-up to 5 devices per visit.
    Accepted products include LG, Zenith and GoldStar brands of TVs, monitors, audio equipment, VCRs and DVD player/recorders, combination TV/VCR and TV/DVD units, set top boxes and accessories associated with those products.
    LG believes that individual producer responsibility is "the ideal model for take-back and recycling programs," where each brand owner offers to take back and recycle their own brands of products.
  • Samsung Recycling Direct
    Free recycling of Samsung-brand consumer electronics at select drop-off locations around Minnesota. Other brands recycled for a fee.
  • Sony Electronics Take Back Recycling Program
    Sony has taken their free recycling program nationwide. They offer free recycling of Sony-brand consumer electronics at listed Waste Management eCycle drop-off centers. Find locations online, or call 1-877-439-2795.
  • Toshiba Trade-in & Recycling Program
    Toshiba offers free recycling of all Toshiba notebooks, as well as low-cost recycling options for electronics products from other manufacturers. Through its trade-in program, Toshiba also provides customers the opportunity to extend the life of their laptop or other consumer electronic product by trading it in for its cash value.