Green Building

Buildings consume about 40 percent of our primary energy use and 79 percent of electricity consumption. At Saint John’s we are looking at ways that we can reduce this figure. Although we face many challenges because many of our buildings are historic, we are working closely with Physical Plant to reduce our energy consumption and the amount of materials needed to construct our buildings. Physical Plant is compiling building standards which will set minimum requirements for energy efficiency for all future renovation and new construction projects. The goal is to incorporate components of ENERGY STAR and LEED certification in order to improve on our baseline energy standards.

Here are a few of our building initiatives:

  • As of 2016 lighting in the Guild Hall Gymnasium, Stephen B. Humphrey Auditorium, and all sophomore dorms were upgraded to LED fixtures.
  • In Fall 2013 the Powerhouse officially stopped using coal and switched to burning natural gas which helps produce steams that heat, cools, and provides a portion of energy for our buildings.
  • In 2011, the McKeown Center recently received LEED Gold Certification.  Take a self-guided tour.
  • In 2009, electric meters were installed on all campus buildings to aid in tracking our energy consumption and conservation efforts. Real time energy usage (IE Only).
  • The lights in the Warner Palaestra pool were replaced in 2010 with highly efficient induction lights. This upgrade was funded through the Sustainable Revolving Loan Fund and will result in significant energy and maintenance savings.
  • As part of the 2009 Refectory Renovations, a new make-up air unit and new hoods were installed. Electrical savings as compared to code minimum are estimated to be over 270,650 kWh annually and over eight million pounds of steam will be saved annually. This saves over $147,00 per year.
  • All appliances purchased through SJU Custodial Services are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Saint John's University has recently constructed its first passive solar greenhouse. Located in Flynntown, the greenhouse is operable only during winter months, and is adorned with several polycarbonate solar panels. Each year, the greenhouse will produce vegetables that will be sold to SJU Dining Services.