Past Energy Competition


Thanks to all those who competed, please continue to reduce your use.

Final Results




36.0 kW

33.1 kW

1,386.7 kWh




53.4 kW

50.4 kW

1,427.5 kWh

Total Savings:

2,814.2 kWh
3439 lbs. of CO2*


Students in Tommy and Mary competed for the $500 prize.  Results were updated every 2-3 days.


 We compared each residential hall's electricity usage to their previous usage. The residential hall at SJU that reduced electricity use by the highest percentage won!
What did they win: A cash prize of $500 to be used by RA's for programming.


The Challenge lasted from Feb. 25th- March 17th.

Why compete?

Win prizes, to save money for the school, and decrease our carbon emissions.


To save energy do any of the following:

  • Turn on your computer's energy savings settings on your personal computer. Screen savers don't save energy. Have the monitor shut off after 5-10 minutes and go to standby after 20 minutes
  • Turn off lights everywhere when they aren't in use!
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL's- Ask the sustainabilty office for them.
  • Plug your electronics into a power strip and turn it off when you aren't using it
  • Recycle, you can power a CFL for 10 hours with the energy it takes to make a new aluminum can
  • Take shorter showers at a lower temperature
  • Turn your heat down a degree or two
  • Unplug those mini-fridges!
  • Use task lighting and turn off your overhead lights
  • Unplug things in your room when you aren't using them, especially chargers
  • Take the stairs
  • Do laundry only when you have a full load

*The Average MN home uses 5,951 kWh per year. We saved over half that much in just three weeks!