Article XII. Other

Section A. Additional Member Responsibilities

  1. To take a training session from the administration on the University finances and how the SJS needs to maintain audits.
  2. To complete all transitioning responsibilities, as deemed by the SJS Vice President, in order to receive a stipend.

Section B. Resignation

  1. In accordance with the Oath of Office, each SJS member is expected to serve the Senator’s entire elected term of office.
  2. Conditions for resignation include solely:
    1. Inability to effectively continue performing required duties.
    2. Absence from the Saint John’s Community
  3. A resigning senator must:
    1. Submit a signed letter of resignation to the Executive Council.
    2. Return all SJS property and files immediately upon resignation.
    3. Submit full transition notes to the appropriate transition binder.
    4. Forfeit any stipend not yet collected.

Section C. Student Activity Fee

  1. The SJS defines the Student Activity Fee as monies to be used for the benefit of the student body for social purposes: entertainment, recreation, spiritual, and academic.

Section D. Standing Rules of the SJS.

  1. The SJS shall abide by the standing rules as required by these SJS By-Laws.
  2. The SJS shall approve the standing rules by majority vote at the start of the term, amending as necessary