Article VII. Executive Council

Section A. Membership

  1. The Executive Council shall consist of the SJS President, Vice President, the Student Trustee Representative, Treasurer, Public Relations Representative, and the three standing board chairs.

Section B. The Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Council shall be:

  1. To meet each week and evaluate the progress of the standing boards.
  2. To review any decisions made within board and committee meetings.
  3. To discuss and prepare agendas for upcoming meetings.
  4. To enforce the SJS attendance policy in SJS By-laws Article IX Section D and impose sanctions on any violation of that policy.
  5. To author any letter authorized by the SJS or to author a letter to be brought to the SJS for approval.
  6. To serve on the Ethics Committee as outlined in SJS By-Laws Article IX.
  7. To hold the power, if necessary, to impose the following sanctions:
    1. To require an SJS member to write a letter to the student body explaining the Senator’s failure in carrying out the responsibilities of the Senator’s office.
    2. To remove a standing board chair from the Senator’s chairpersonship and require that standing board to elect a new chair. Note, once a chair is removed the Senator is not eligible for the position of chair for the remainder of that Senate term.
    3. To initiate impeachment procedures against an SJS member as outlined in SJS By-Laws Article IX Section D.
  1. To be SJS representatives on the Student Development Advisory Council.