Article IX. Functions and Meetings of the Senate

Section A. Functions

  1. To enact resolutions, policies, and recommendations.
  2. To review board, committee, and Executive Council decisions.
  3. To ascertain, evaluate, and advocate the concerns and best interest of the student body.

Section B. Meetings

  1. The Senate shall convene on a regular basis as outlined in SJS By-Laws, Article X.
  2. Special sessions may be called by the President.

Section C. Quorum

  1. A quorum of SJS shall be 2/3 of all senate positions filled.

Section D. Voting

  1. All actions of the Senate require approval by an absolute majority defined as 50%+1.
  2. Voting conditions:
  3. No member may vote unless the Senator is present.
  4. Voting privileges may be reserved by request to the President prior to the meeting.

Section E. Interpretation

  1. The President shall be the ultimate judge as to the interpretation of the constitution.
  2. This constitution shall supersede all previous student government documents/constitutions.