Article III. Standing Boards

Section A. The standing boards of the SJS shall be:

  1. The Student Affairs Board (SAB).
  2. The Judicial Board (JB).
  3. The Activities and Allocations Board (AAB).

Section B. Board Chairs

  1. The duties of the Chair shall be:
    1. To prepare agendas for board meetings.
    2. To set any board meeting time.
    3. To represent the Senator’s board to the Executive Council.
  2. The chair shall have a vote.

    Section C. General

    1. All standing board members shall have the right to vote.
    2. All standing boards are automatically in session while the SJS is in session.
    3. A tie vote is never considered a majority.
    4. Each standing board may create any number of sub-committees it desires.
      1. Subcommittees’ activities must fall under the jurisdiction of the appointing board.
      2. Structure and method of approval of the subcommittee is to be determined by the appointing board.
    5. A quorum of a standing board shall require 2/3 of all board positions filled.