Article I. Student Senate

Section A. Name

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Saint John's University Student Senate, henceforth referred to as Saint John’s Senate (SJS).

Section B. Membership

  1. The Senate shall consist of twenty-one members: A President, a Vice President, a Student TrusteeRepresentative, and those of three standing boards, each having a chair and four members, and three first year representatives.
  2. No member shall hold more than the Senator’s elected position.
  3. Term of office shall begin on the final class day of the Spring semester, with an Oath of Office. Term of office shall end on the final class day of the subsequent Spring semester, following a transitional meeting between the old and new Senate.
  4. All members shall have the right to vote. The President may vote only when the Senator’s vote will affect the outcome.

Section C. Qualifications

  1. At the time of election a Senator shall:
    1. Have been registered as a full-time student during the school semester preceding the Senator’s term of office.
  2. During their term a Senator shall:
    1. Be a full-time student designated as one who is enrolled for 12 or more credits.
    2. Not be on probation.

Section D. Responsibilities

  1. A Senator’s duties and responsibilities shall be:
    1. To attend all Senate, board, and committee meetings.
    2. To attend to the duties designated with the Senator’s elected position, as outlined in SJS By-Laws Article I.
    3. To attend all mandatory functions designated by the SJS.

Section E. Vacancies

  1. If a vacancy occurs prior to eight weeks before the end of an SJS term, the Judicial Board shall initiate election procedures. If this vacancy occurs in a board chair position, a chair shall be elected by and from that board.
  2. If the office of the President, Vice President, or Student Trustee Representative becomes vacant for any reason, the SJS shall elect a new person to hold the position from its membership. The newly elected President, Vice President, or Trustee will be relieved of the Senator’s former position.