Saint John’s University Student Senate Constitution


We are twenty-one students comprising an integral group whose mission is to represent student interests, concerns, and welfare with respect to the mission and values of Saint John’s University. Elected from a unique, all-man student body, the Senate works with the University’s administration to enhance all aspects of student life. The Senate functions distinctly; no administrator has the authority to force a course of action or to remove a senator, without exception. The Senate recognizes the University's vested interest in its financial operations.

We, the undergraduate students of Saint John's University, do hereby establish the Saint John's Senate as our representative student government through this Constitution.

Values Statement

As a representative body, the Senate has an obligation to justify its decisions and actions on certain normative values, including accountability, equity, and efficiency.  As stewards of the Student Activity Fee, Student Judicial Affairs, and Student Affairs in a community founded upon a rich Benedictine tradition, the Senate’s decisions reflect our interpretation of values such as community, taking counsel, respect for persons, listening, dignity of work, hospitality, stewardship, truthful living, moderation, common good, and justice.

Revised 1/5/2022