SAB Chairperson: Ignacio Sanchez Romero

SAB Chairperson By-Laws

  1. To represent the SAB on the Executive Council.
  2. To organize and chair all SAB meetings.
  3. To organize any student surveys issued by the SJS.
  4. To take attendance at every SAB meeting.
  5. To serve as the SJS representative on the Housing Committee, when in existence.
  6. To approve SJS mass communications before distribution, with special attention during the beginning of the term.
  7. To be a member of the SJS Public Relations Committee.
  8. To be a voting member of the Budget Working Committee.
  9. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.
  10. To sit on three internal committees each semester.
  11. To lead the Senate Leadership Experience in collaboration with all Board Chairs, duties are included but not limited to: organize guest speakers, coordinate potential team projects, and design SLE layout and procedure