Public Realtions Representative: Cullen McMahon

Public Relations Representative By-Laws

  1. To compose and distribute all press releases to student body, with the approval of the SAB Chairperson and Executive Board.
  2. To serve as the SJS liaison to recognized student media, which means sharing their content on the SJS social media platforms. To meet with the editors of The Record at the beginning and end of each semester to ensure open communication between the SJS and the student newspaper.
  3. To be responsible for distributing SJS information to the student body through social media platforms, which include, but is not limited to: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Linktree, and TikTok.
  4. To be responsible for maintaining and updating the SJS web page, which requires Ingeniux training with the CSBSJU libraries.
  5. To post the meeting minutes on the SJS website.
  6. To post a funding summary after every general senate meeting on the social media platforms.
  7. To chair the Public Relations Committee.
  8. To manage and maintain all Saint John’s Senate Public Relations equipment.
  9. To sit on the Executive Council.
  10. To meet with the PR Assistant at least once per week and assist them with their duties.
  11. To be in communication with your SBS counterpart and meet at least once a semester.
  12. To sit on one other internal committee each semester.
  13. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.