SJS Decolonization, Reparations, and Justice Representative: Andrew Jurek

Decolonization, Reparations, & Justice Representative By-Laws

  1. Meet with Minnesota Tribal officials at least twice per academic year to listen to feedback and advocate requests to University Administration. 
  1. Provide students various platforms to give feedback to the Senate relating to concerns about decolonization, reparations, and justice at the University. 
  1. Research external organizational and institutional efforts in decolonization, reparations, and justice and deliver a report to the Senate and Administration each semester.  
  1. Meet regularly with faculty and staff whose duties are directly related to furthering decolonization, reparations, and justice work. 
  1. Be a non-voting member of the DEIJ Coordinating Council 
  1. Report Saint John’s Senate activities to the DEIJ Coordinating Council and report and promote DEIJ Coordinating Council activities and issues to the Saint John’s Senate 
  1. Promote collaboration and working relationships with CSB/SJU groups and stakeholders involved in decolonization, reparations, and justice work. 
  1. To perform the duties as listed under SJS By-Laws Article XI. 
  1. To be a designated member of the DEIJ Committee and serve on one additional internal committee each semester. 
  1. To represent the Saint John’s Senate in communication with decolonization, reparations, & justice stakeholders  
  1. To report decolonization, reparations, & justice issues to the Saint John’s Senate 
    1. Delegate additional relevant decolonization, reparations, and justice work interrelated with other Senators’ duties to other representatives of the Saint John’s Senate