JB Chair: Eddie Caballero Gonzalez

JB Chairperson By-Laws

  1. To serve as JB representative on the Executive Council.
  2. To organize and chair all Judicial Board meetings.
  3. To organize and chair all Student Parking Appeals Board meetings.
  4. To organize and chair regular Constitutional Review Committee meetings.
  5. To organize and chair the Elections Committee.
  6. To take attendance at all JB meetings.
  7. To serve as the SJS liaison to Life Safety Services.
  8. To serve as the SJS representative for all student parking appeals issues.
  9. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.
  10. To sit on two internal committees each semester.
  11. To be a voting member of the Budget Working Committee.
  12. To lead the Senate Leadership Experience in collaboration with all Board Chairs, duties are included but not limited to: organize guest speakers, coordinate potential team projects, and design SLE layout and procedure
  13. The JB Chair will have the primary interpretation of the Constitution which can, in the event of a dispute, be appealed to the President who has ultimate interpretation as stated in the SJS Constitution Article IX Section C.