Community Relations Representative: Gunnar Laughlin

Community Relations Representative By-Laws

  1. To serve as the SJS liaison to the St. Joseph City Council and regularly attend its meetings.
  2. To attend at least two Saint Joseph city council meetings per semester.
  3. To address off-campus student issues.
  4. To represent the SJS on legislative issues.
  5. To represent the SJS on the SJU Alumni Association.
  6. To represent the SJS to the Saint John’s Abbey.
  7. To represent the SJS to the Minnesota Association of Private College Students (MAPCS) if the sitting Senate chooses to pay dues to MAPCS.
  8. To organize one (1) community outreach event per Senate term.
  9. To be a voting member of the Student Parking Appeals Board.
  10. To chair the Community Outreach & Admissions Committee and to sit on one other internal committee each semester.