SJS Vice President: Evan Mattson

Vice President By-Laws

  1. To plan a retreat at the beginning of each semester for the entire Senate.
  2.  To serve as Parliamentarian.
  3. To lead goal setting and facilitation for the Senate.
  4. To chair the Capital Improvements Committee.
  5. To serve as the liaison between the Saint Ben’s Senate (SBS) and SJS.
  6. To lead candidate recruitment. 
  7. To lead strategic planning/progress oversight for the SJS.
  8. To obtain and transfer transition notes for all positions ensuring smooth year to year transitions.
  9. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.
  10. To oversee and serve as the liaison for outside news sources.
  11. To oversee, track, and confirm senator’s Senate Community Interactions (SCIs).
  12. To meet once a month with the SJU Dean of Students.
  13. To ensure the senate office is orderly, professional, and usable.
  14. To coordinate stipends for the Senate.