SJS President: Durran Thompson

Presidential By-Laws

  1. To preside at all meetings of the Senate. If the President is unable to perform the Senator’s duties, to delegate the Senator’s powers to the next Senator in hierarchy when necessary.
  2. To direct all administrative responsibilities, as well as other powers and duties granted by the Senate.
  3. To ascertain that all resolutions, motions, and committees passed by the Senate and/or Executive Council are faithfully executed.
  4. To execute all provisions of the Constitution in the actions of the Senate and its committees.
  5. To serve as the official representative of the student body to the Boards, the Administration and the Faculty, and other segments of the University, including speaking engagements upon request.
  6. To interpret Rules of Order. The Senator’s interpretation can be challenged by another member of the Senate and overruled by a 2/3 vote of the Senate members present.
  7. To call special meetings of the Senate, the Executive Council,
  8. To be the guardian of all official Senate documents.
  9. To meet once a month with the Saint Ben’s Senate President, SJU Dean of Students, and the CSB Dean of Students.
  10. To meet twice a month with the Saint Ben’s Senate President.
  11. To meet once a week with the SJU Dean of Students.
  12. To meet at least once a semester with the VP for Student Development.
  13. To set, review and oversee the execution of the Saint John’s Senates’ goals each semester.
  14. To present, along with the Trustee, the Senate’s goals to the Board of Trustees Student Development Committee and SJU Student Development Directors.
  15. To meet with the President’s Cabinet on a bi-weekly basis.
  16. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.
  17. To meet with each individual senator at least twice a semester.
  18. To chair the Election Committee if the Judicial Board Chairperson is ineligible to serve. If the President is unable to serve due to their participation in the election, then the chair will pass to the next highest senior Executive Board member.