Treasurer: Emanuel Popoca Santana

Treasurer By-Laws

  1. To maintain the financial records of the SJS.
  2.  To authorize and sign account transactions for both SJS and approved club allocations through the SJU Business Office.
  3. To organize and chair the Budget Working Committee. This committee must be established at the Fall and Spring Retreat and meet monthly.
  4. To provide a budget at SJS meetings and by request to any SJS Senator.
  5. To meet bi-weekly with the AAB Chair to discuss the SJS budget.
  6. To serve as a voting member of the Co-Funding Board (CFB).
  7. To audit clubs at the discretion of the AAB Chair.
  8. To serve as a member of the Executive Council.
  9. To chair the Club Sports Playoff Funding Committee.
  10. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.
  11. To sit on one internal committee each semester.