Chair: Trent Thompson

AAB Chairperson By-Laws

  1. To serve as the AAB representative on the Executive Council.
  2. To organize and co-chair all meetings of the CFB.
  3. To construct the funding and allocation guidelines which will be SJS By-Laws, Article II after approval by the AAB and the SJS.
  4. To ascertain that all approved actions of the CFB are faithfully executed.
  5. To authorize and sign account transactions for both SJS and approved club allocations in the event the appropriate board member is unable to.
  6. To be a voting member of the Budget Working Committee.
  7. To give a budget update at every executive council meeting.
  8. To hold office for the entirety of the academic year.
  9. To appoint one club auditor to serve as the SJS representative on the Joint Club Board.
  10. To update the Senate Alumni Database with the information of all graduating senators.
  11. To meet with the Treasurer bi-weekly to discuss the SJS budget.
  12. To send all funding expenditures for the week to The Record or other media outlets if The Record is not available, increasing our transparency with our funding of student activity fees.
  13. To keep club auditors accountable and retain the right to restrict their voting rights in coordination with their co-chair counterpart if an auditor is unfamiliar with their funding requests.
  14. To sit on one internal committee each semester.
  15. To lead the Senate Leadership Experience in collaboration with all Board Chairs, duties are included but not limited to: organize guest speakers, coordinate potential team projects, and design SLE layout and procedure.