Senior Student Programs

Learning Outcomes

  • Career Development & Exploration

Students will connect with mentors as they pursue opportunities for employment, graduate school, and full-time service that fit one's interests, values, skills, and goals.

  • Community Engagement

Students will identify ways they plan to build and support community in their post college life.  By the end of fourth year, students will have volunteered for at least ten hours and discussed the experience with a Faculty Resident (FR)/Residence Assistant (RA).

  • Intercultural Competence

Students who live on campus will be able to discuss intercultural issues at a meaningful level and will be and feel prepared to engage with others from various cultural backgrounds in their work and personal lives upon graduation.

  • Personal Growth

Students will be able to articulate and give examples of how they have exercised their personal values-based leadership model.  Students will describe ways they have grown in maturity and judgment through college and their planned trajectory for success.

  • Spirituality

Students will be able to identify the values, relationships, and practices to which they are committed.  By the end of the fourth year, students will be able to articulate at least one way they have explored or integrated spirituality into their lives.