SJU FirstUp Funding Requests

SJU FirstUp Scholars who would like to request funds for travel, extracurricular experiences, conferences, or other activities that could broaden the student experience, are asked to complete the following application. The SJU FirstUp Committee will review the application and notify the applicant of the decision. It is important that your application be neatly organized, thorough and thoughtful.

Please include a written response to the following question in a precise and organized manner. Paragraphs are recommended. No more than 500 words per question.

Please read the following carefully and select the check box at the end to indicate your full agreement and understanding.

I understand that my attendance in this activity is supported by SJU. As such, I attend as a representative of SJU and my behavior and actions reflect upon the institution. I will not engage in illegal activity of any kind including the illegal use or consumption of alcohol or other drugs. I understand that I am responsible for providing receipts for all my expenditures and will be personally responsible for any personal expenses and will reimburse SJU as needed. I understand that I will be responsible for any expenses for which I do not provide a receipt. I understand there may be IRS tax reporting implications due for an award given to me. I understand that I am expected to participate fully in the conference events, activities, sessions, and meetings. I understand that it is my responsibility to talk with my professors about any classes I may miss and that I am responsible for all class material and assignments.