Mission, Vision, and Goals


Men's Development is an asset and programming center to Saint John's campus. MDI looks to promote the holistic development of men on campus by leveraging existing infrastructure and resources in our community. It seeks new and innovative approaches to empower men to embrace their own brand of masculinity, recognize the importance of campus and civic engagement, and grow as individual men.


  • To develop and foster an environment where men are encouraged and empowered to reach their full potential.
  • To provide a community for men to recognize and celebrate a variety of masculine identities while also acknowledging the issues of male privilege in our gendered culture.


  • Inform men of the importance of community & civic engagement to their development as a man.
  • To promote and educate the student body on gender issues with particular attention focused on the development of healthy masculinities.
  • To foster an environment where men are empowered to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally.