Meet the Staff

Ben Leighton, Student Director

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Year: Senior
Major: Global Business Leadership
Minor: History
Why MDI?
As a male college student, I see the pressures that our cultures put on men
every day. I believe that MDI will not only act as a place where men are
encouraged to grow into the men they aspire to be, rather than the one
culture tells them to be.

Ross Capouch, Public Relations Coordinator

Hometown: Portland, North Dakota
Year: Junior
Major: Communication
Minor: Music
Why MDI?
I have a vested interest in helping this community of men grow and learn, and that's why I joined MDI. The guys who come out of their four years at SJU always emerge better men
than when they arrived; I've made it a goal to help Johnnies be the best we can be.

Michael Swearingen, Program Coordinator

Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota
Year: Junior
Major: Communication/Journalism
Why MDI?
I joined MDI because I wanted to be a part of a dialogue that works to make SJU better. Each one of us has a vision for what Saint John's could be. I've always believed that being a Johnnie is a testament to one's character. I want being a Johnnie to mean more when I leave than when I first stepped foot on this campus.

Lincoln Mullings, Logistics Coordinator

Nassau, New Providence , Bahamas
Year: Sophomore
Why MDI?
I've always had a passion for the development of men in our society. Therefore to me being a Johnnie means to stand up for what is right, to be a role model and a catalyst for a greater tomorrow.

Braden McCormack, First Year Mentors Coordinator

Hometown:Rosemount, MN
Year: Sophomore
Major: Philosophy
What does First Year Mentoring & Men's Development mean to you?
Men's Development and the First Year Mentor both aim to facilitate
growth of men at St. John's. The partnership of FYM and MDI provides
first year Johnnies with an avenue in which they may begin to
find an identity with the Saint John's community.