Meet the Staff

Elijah Henderson

Student Director 

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Hometown: Crystal, MN

Major: Political Science

Favroite Show on Netflix: Most of them

Why MDI?

"I feel like it is my personal duty to better understand myself as a growing man.  Identifying gender ideals and coming to terms with myself and my mascunlinity is something I feel can only help me grow for the future.  With greater self understanding I feel like I can motivate my fellow Johnnies to step up and act out about different issues involving themselves and their own masculinity.  Hopefully bettering the Johnnie community as a whole."


Darragh Cutter

Public Relations Coordinator

Hometown: Golden Valley, MN

Major: Philosophy

Favorite Show on Netflix: Planet Earth II

Why MDI?"Mascunlinity can be a very complicated and confusing topic, but MDI lets me be engaged in a constant conversatoin to try and better my understanding of both myself and other men in my life."

Kirk Harrington Jr.

Programming Coordinator

Hometown: Chanhassen, MN

Major: Communication

Favorite show on Netlfix: Planet Earth II

Why MDI?

"I chose to work with MDI becasue it gives me an opportunity to collaborate with my peer students, work on projects, and foster a healhthy, progressive environment here on campus.  Telling people to be themeselves as best they can is fun!"

Matthew Captain

Programming Team

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Major: Biology, Secondary-Education 

Favorite Show on Netflix: Seinfeild

Why MDI?

"I joined MDI to encourage healthy, active engagement of Johnnies on the St. John's and St. Ben's campuses.  I want Johnnies to pursue the healthy activities, clubs, and events of their interest."

Jack Fitzpatrick

Programming Team

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Major: Elementary Education

Brandon Spratt

Public Relations Team

Hometown: Burnsville, MN

Major: Communication

Favorite Show on Netflix: Sherlock

Why MDI?

"MDI is an organization where I feel I can impact the community in a positive way and set good examples for all.  MDI is a great organization with many committed members who are working to promote dialogue and issues of masculinity."

Hunter He'eNalu Hicks

Public Relations/Johnnies in Action Team

Hometown: South Haven, MN

Major: Nursing

Favorite Show on Netflix: Peaky Blinders

Why MDI?

"Men coming into college often struggle with thier identity as they leave thier homes and begin thier lives.  MDI is a great institute that fosters growth for Johnnines through programs, dialogues, and initatives, helping them find who they are."

Lucas Friederichs

Programming Team

Sam Truhler 

Public Relations Team (Studying Abroad)

Lenny Gerten

Austin Koester 

Public Relations Team

MDI Alumni

Lincoln Mullings

Institutional Advancement

Class of 2018

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Major: Biochemistry

Favorite Show on Netflix: House of Cards

Why MDI?

"I became a part of MDI becasue men are often painted in a negative light and seen as aggressive, promiscous and unemotional among others.  MDI empowers men to take back the paint brush and define their own brand of masculinity."

Collin Ernste 

Breaking the Brick Wall Simulation

Class of 2018

Hometown: Faribault, MN

Major: Psychology

Favorite Show on Netflix: Dexter

Why MDI?

"Becasue I beleive that promoting an individualized, inclusive, and healthy masculinity on an essentially all male campus is important to the futhering of education and liberal arts at Saint John's University."