About Us


The JDI promotes the holistic development of SJU students. We seek to empower students to intentionally and thoughtfully craft their own sense of healthy masculine identity, avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy masculine expectations, recognize the importance of being engaged, and grow as individuals.


  • To develop and foster an environment where all students who identify as male are encouraged and empowered to reach their full potential.
  • To provide a community for students to celebrate the rich variety of masculine identities while also addressing the issues of male privilege and unhealthy masculine attitudes and behaviors in our gendered culture.


  • To promote a healthy awareness of and reflection about masculinities;
  • To provide students the resources to critically examine and reflect about their own gender identity and the gender identities of others;
  • To disrupt and transform a culture that perpetuates sexual misconduct and violence against others;
  • To remain inclusive of all students and to foster a space that is open, inviting and safe for all;
  • To provide development and training of the student leadership team;
  • To provide programming that attracts a wide and representative sample of our student population;
  • To work alongside the IWL in providing high-quality programming related to its mission.

JDI Code of Ethics

  • Radical Inclusivity – we will remain open and accessible to all and be willing to change ourselves as necessary to accomplish this. We will maintain a work environment that cultivates respect, integrity, and fairness.
  • Respect for the dignity of the person – we will treat others, in all such situations, with respect by listening to them, taking their concerns seriously, and treating them in a courteous and professional manner;
  • Responsiveness to our campus communities – we will work to address instances of discrimination, exclusion, and toxic masculinity as they occur. We will be a public and active presence working for the common good of all. We will be willing, when necessary, in the words of John Lewis, to get into “good trouble.”
  • Modeling healthy masculinity – we will take seriously our visibility as leaders working to confront unhealthy masculine behaviors by committing ourselves to being role models of active, healthy, non-oppressive Johnnies;
  • Committing to excellence – we will strive for our work to reflect high standards of professionalism, quality, and effort. When partnering with others we will match or exceed their own levels of effort.