Meet the Staff

Sam Rengo

Student Director 



Major: Political Science

Favroite Show on Netflix: Most of them

Why JDI?


Jake McCarthy

Outreach Coordinator


Major: Communication

Favorite Show on Netflix: 

Why MDI?"

Jamie Ozuna

Inclusivity Coordinator


Major: Accounting

Favorite Show on Netflix: 

Why MDI?

Aubrey Sherman

Programming Coordinator



MDI Alumni

Lincoln Mullings

Institutional Advancement

Class of 2018

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Major: Biochemistry

Favorite Show on Netflix: House of Cards

Why MDI?

"I became a part of MDI becasue men are often painted in a negative light and seen as aggressive, promiscous and unemotional among others.  MDI empowers men to take back the paint brush and define their own brand of masculinity."

Collin Ernste 

Breaking the Brick Wall Simulation

Class of 2018

Hometown: Faribault, MN

Major: Psychology

Favorite Show on Netflix: Dexter

Why MDI?

"Becasue I beleive that promoting an individualized, inclusive, and healthy masculinity on an essentially all male campus is important to the futhering of education and liberal arts at Saint John's University."