A.Overview of Sanctions

i. Verbal Warning

ii. Written Warning

iii. Community Service

iv. Educational Project

v. Restitution

vi. Intake Interview

vii. Fine

viii. University Probation

ix. Social Probation

x. Loss of Housing

xi. Interim Suspension

xii. Suspension

xiii. Expulsion

B. Process of Sanctions

i. Documentation of incident by Life Safety, or other University Officials

ii. Report produced by Life Safety

iii. Reports reviewed by Campus Life

iv. Reports are referred to one of the following:

1. A Faculty Resident

2. An Administrative Hearing

3. A Judicial Board Hearing

v. Conduct Hearing

1. Determine responsibility for specific violations

2. Determine sanctions if found responsible

vi. In the event of an administrative or Judicial Board hearing a letter of responsible or not responsible including sanctions if applicable will be sent to the individual.

vii. Sanctions are reported to the Campus Life and Housing office and recorded into a database.

viii. Sanctions are cumulative.